My Next Big Idea!

It started with a nightmare. I’m in a pit. I’m trapped under heaps of fabric, tangles of thread, and paperwork from 5 decades earlier. As I rip off my clinging rubber gloves I scream, “I must escape!!!!”

And then there was a bright flash of light, and it came to me. I must remove everything from my dye studio and start over.

Which is how the renovation of my dye workshop began. For the last 3 months, I’ve cleared out the accumulated debris of 35 years of dyeing. Unused dyes and silkscreens found a home. Ancient files became shredded ribbons. Friends and family discovered boxes of yarn, fabric, and mementos on their doorsteps. The studio is purged and ready for a makeover.

What Does This Mean for You?

The workmen arrive on January 27 to renovate my studio. I leave town on January 26. If you need any gorgeous thread or fabric or items from the Artfabrik store, now is the time to place an order.

I will reopen the Artfabrik store March 1 in my brand new studio.Can’t wait!

How to Clean Up Your Work Area



 As you may have guessed, I am a total Neat Freak. And if you guessed this, you would be wrong. Cause I am neither neat, nor tidy, nor clean when I sew. There are fabric and thread clippings everywhere! 

But I do have a cleaning tip for you. Use batting. Place a small square of batting next to your sewing machine and drop your thread snips onto it. It’s a good way to keep the threads from slipping to the floor.


580CD0F9-77AE-4EC6-95CC-7C80A2FB8C09 Sweep up your work area with batting. I use it to dust my work tables and Teflon covered work table. You’d be surprised at how many fibers it collects. (No doubt my Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is in the mail.)


And here’s another use for batting. Make a small ball and throw it to your cat. My cats would go nuts over a ball of batting. Not sure why. Who knows what’s going on in the brain of a cat?

Another cat related item. A student in my class who loves cats had a bag that said “I’m just one cat short of crazy.” Keep that in mind all you cat lovers out there!