Silk Stitching: More Fields

The next field on my silk quilt is embroidered with undulating rows of thread. By replicating that tilt or angle of the tree tops, this field adds even more movement to the piece. Skinny lines in this field are made with the stem stitch using a size 12 Pickle Juice thread.

The alternating heavy lines are created with a size 8 Lime Frappe couched with a size 12 Really Red thread. Don’t you love how couching the green thread with the highly contrasting red thread creates a wonderful striped pattern?

Next to the green fields, I’ve tamed things down with nearly vertical stripes of chain stitches. This size 12 Aquamarine thread stitches like a dream, is in high contrast to the blue silk fabric, and repeats the colors found in the sky.

Then there are the fly stitches that make up the final field on the right. These are also made with a size 8 Lime Frappe. I love how the variegation of the thread colors travel across the fabric’s surface creating more movement and pattern.

Silk Stitching: Fields

You have to love the blanket stitch. It’s not just for holding down the edges of fabric shapes applied to another fabrics. It’s also a great decorative stitch. See the furrows in the field above? Blanket stitch.

Using a size 8 Lime Frappe pearl cotton thread, I varied the height of the tines on the blanket stitches to imitate crops growing. This variegated thread also adds movement and variety to the plants.

Notice the running stitch on the right of the blue fabric? That marks where I’ll insert another field.

This field is made with lazy daisy stitches using a size 8 Really Red pearl cotton thread. Rows of this looping stitch are placed vertically across the fabric. But they look a little drab to me.

So I’ve added running stitches crossing over the loops with a size 12 Ocean thread repeating the light blue of the clouds and adding more texture. I may revisit both of these fields later to add more embroidery. One can never have too much embroidery!

Stitching Silk: Where It Begins

My collection of hand-dyed silk is so enticing! I’ve been hoarding boxes of this beautiful fabric for years. And now it’s time to set the beauties free. Many of my silks are 14 momme silk jacquards like these purchased as white fabric from Exotic Silks and then dyed with Procion MX Fiber Reactive dyes.

Other silks are prints from thrift stores that I’ve over-dyed like this green print for the tree trunks. Behind each fabric is Misty Fuse a lightweight fusible web ideal for silk. After I free-cut shapes for the design, I assemble them on wool batting, iron or fuse them into place, and steam set the quilt top to the batting.

Here you see the first hand embroidery stitches applied using my hand-dyed threads. The silk is so easy to stitch with Sizes 12 and 8 pearl cotton threads.

Have you been hoarding silk fabrics too? Maybe it’s time to set them free and create new art. Let them shine!