Cheesecloth Anyone?


As you may know I’m not vending anymore. And I find I have a lot things sitting on the shelf that would normally be in the Artfabrik booth at a quilt show. One of those items is hand-dyed cheesecloth or scrim like this. I’m not sure what you might do with it. But there are a lot of imaginative people out there, so I’m giving away a yard each to several of those imaginative people this week. 

Please leave a comment below and you may be a lucky winner! (Please note that at some point I cut off the comment section, usually just before announcing the winners.)

Beautiful Cloth Baskets


I’m always amazed at what people create with my hand dyed fabrics and threads. Here you see a beautiful basket made by Beverly using my Snake Skin fabric. You may want to see her newly minted website, Colorworks and Design,  to see more of her work. The site is easy to navigate and there is a link to her Etsy site where you can purchase these reasonably priced baskets.


As a textile people, we can certainly appreciate their tactile feel and her ingenuity in making them. Imagine their use as a knitting basket or a handy place to hold your current stitch project.  Thank you Beverly for sharing your well crafted baskets with us!