Quilts on Auction

Reading Lamp #2 by Laura Wasilowski

Beginning September 11, artwork donated by members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) goes up for auction. These are small pieces measuring 12″ x 12″ in a variety of styles, colors, and techniques.

My quilt, Reading Lamp #2, is among those available for bid. Using iron-on transfer pens, I traced a drawing of my blue chair onto tracing paper. I then bravely ironed the tracing onto a previously stitched quilt. The chair shape was colored in using fabric pens from Posca. After even more machine quilting, I added embroidery to the chair and lamp. The rug is made with rows of chain stitch.

I’m not sure what the reading lamp is reading but it must be riveting!

There are several reasons to collect artwork. We collect art to support an organization like SAQA or to support the artist. Collecting art also gives you, the collector, the benefit of surrounding yourself with what you love. Art gives us a sense of beauty and what is good in the world. So check out the SAQA Benefit Auction and treat yourself to something good.

Wish Upon a Card

songbird2detail1Soon I’ll be packing my bags to teach in Sisters, OR. Sisters is the home of the largest outdoor quilt festival in the nation called Quilter’s Affair. One of the many activities at the show is the opportunity to bid on art work by donors for the charity, Wish Upon a Card.¬†


Songbird #2 by Laura Wasilowski

My donation this year, Songbird #2, measures about 4″ x 6″ and is free- form hand embroidered on wool. Loved making it, love that it’s helping out someone in need, and love that it will go to a good home.

joyfulstitchingfrontcoverSongbird #2 began its life as a step-out. It was made to show  a certain stage in the making of the songbird project in my book, Joyful Stitching. He is a distant cousin of the original songbird found on the cover and evolved into a bird more interested in flowers than bugs. Hope to see you in Sisters!