Dye Information

Dye Information

Artfabrik fabrics and threads are dyed with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes. Colors are brilliant and rich. During the dye process, colors will intermingle to produce in between colors or “colors with no name”. No two fabrics will be the same. Thread dye lots will vary.

Although we wash our fabrics by machine multiple times and our threads over 25 times by hand, there may be excess dye that will wash out under certain conditions. This is called back-dyeing. Some colors (especially red, fuchsia, purple) will back-dye a light-colored background fabric if the fabric gets damp or wet. Threads can also back-dye fabrics and other threads if they get wet. Test the bleed factor of a thread by stitching to a piece of test fabric and washing in hot water.

How to Wash Fabric and Thread for Back-dyeing

For fabric: if you are concerned about back-dyeing, we suggest you wash the fabric in very hot water in your washer with detergent or Synthropol. Immediately place it in the dryer. Do not leave the fabric damp in the washer or certain colors (especially red, fuchsia, and purple) will back-dye.

For thread: before using it, hand wash it in very hot water (almost boiling) with detergent or Synthropol, rinse with fabric softener, and squeeze out excess water. Let it line dry.