Sheaf Stitch


The little bundles of thread created by the Sheaf Stitch remind me of a cinched waistline or the childhood game of pick of sticks. They also look like sheaves of wheat gathered in the fields ready for harvest or tiny flower tops.
  • Here’s how to make Sheaf Stitches:
    Make 3 – 4  vertical or horizontal stitches measuring about 1/4″ long and spaced about 1/16″ apart.
  • Bring the needle up to the surface of the fabric at Point A (at the center of the stitches).
  • Slip the needle and thread under the left vertical stitches.
  • Insert the needle tip under the right vertical stitches and jab it back down at Point A.
  • Pull the thread gently to form a cinched group of threads.
  • Tie the thread off to secure the stitch.

silkstitchalong25Add a French Knot or a Bullion Knot to the stitch to make a flower. Or line them up and Sheaf Stitches act as an orderly band of decorative motifs racing across the fabric surface. These concentrated deposits of thread are bundles of joy!