Scattered Seed Stitch

Scattered Seed StitchThe Scattered Seed Stitch is my version of the traditional seed stitch (where sets of short parallel stitches travel across the fabric). (Being an undisciplined embroiderer, I just throw individual stitches all over the place.) The Scattered Seed Stitch is best for filling in large areas of fabric to create texture like the spikes on a cactus.


Tasty Bite of Apple (detail)

Or use it as a textural bridge to help liven up background fabric surrounding a patchwork of stitches like those found in the Tasty Bite of Apple project.

scatteredseed1Here’s how to make the Scattered Seed Stitch: Make a straight stitch about 1/4” – 1/2” long. Make more straight stitches near the previous stitch but at different angles. (Think of the stitch angles in terms of an hour hand on a clock.) Try to keep the stitch angles random so they don’t form a pattern by repeating the same angle near each other.