Pistil Stitch

The Pistil Stitch has me hooked and now I must use it on everything!  It’s a relative of the French Knot only taller and sassier. Making a French Knot is very similar to making the Pistil Stitch except you extend where you return the needle. So, rather than sticking the needle back down where it came out, you stab it down away from the entry wound.

Here’s how to make the Pistil Stitch:

Hold the thread horizontal to the fabric and wind it around the needle 3 times. Select a point about 1/4″ – 1/2″ away from where the thread came up out of the fabric. Insert the needle into the fabric and slowly draw the thread through the knot while still holding the thread gently in your left hand.

Pistil stitches are not only for….pistils. I use them for little bird necklaces and head dresses as well. This is a detail from Coleen’s Calling Birds #13 made with hand-dyed silk and stitched with Size 12 threads. Doesn’t she look fetching?