Lazy Daisy or Detached Chain Stitch


Love at First Stitch (detail) from Joyful Stitching by Laura Wasilowski

The Lazy Daisy Stitch is the sweetest member of the looped embroidery stitch family. Arrange this gentle stitch around a group of French Knots and viola! You have a charming little flower.


Bird on a Branch #6 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Scatter the Lazy Daisy Stitches randomly across the fabric surface and build soft edged texture like the leaves on the tree tops of this little quilt. You may want to call the stitch by it’s other name, Detached Chain Stitch, when using it this way.

lazydaisy1Here’s how to make Lazy Daisy Stitches: Bring the needle and thread up at A. Insert the needle right next to A at point B. Take a short stitch (about 1/4″) and bring the needle tip up at C. Trap the thread coming out of A under the needle tip at C. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric creating a loop.
lazydaisy2Insert the needle tip at point D. Point D is on the other side of the thread loop from point C. Draw the needle and thread to the back of the fabric creating a loop or petal of the daisy.

Embroidered Landscape #2 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski



The Lazy Daisy Stitch or Detached Chain Stitch has so many uses in embroidery. It builds soft texture and creates shapes on the surface of the fabric. It is a pleasant, old fashioned stitch giving comfort and warmth like grandma’s cookies….without the calories.