Fly Stitch

flystitch1 The Fly Stitch always evokes images of flying birds when I see it on the fabric surface. Maybe that’s why its called… the Fly Stitch. I mean, doesn’t this look like a flock of flapping fowls? The Fly Stitch is another easy embroidery stitch to use as a single decorative element or, when grouped together, as a textural filling stitch.

flystitch5Here’s how to make Fly Stitches: Think of the stitch as the letter V. With the thread on top of the quilt at A, insert the needle about 1/4″ to the left of A at point B. Angle the needle down about the same distance.

Bring the needle up to the surface of the fabric at C so the tip is centered between the points A and B. Trap the thread under the tip of the needle with your left hand and slowly pull the needle and thread through the fabric.

Then insert the needle over the loop of thread at C and push it down to the back of the quilt to finish making the V.

flystitch4If you extend the bottom part of the stitch to make a Y shape, it looks like tree branches! Is there no end to the wonder of it all?