Fern Stitch

fernstitch3Need a vine to climb your castle wall? Try the Fern Stitch. This embroidery stitch is perfect for all your climbing vine needs as it winds across the fabric surface.  Add a few French Knots to the tips of the fern fronds and instantly you have a climbing rose. This is my version of making the Fern Stitch. Other directions for the stitch may vary.

fernstitch2Here’s how to make the Fern Stitch: Make a straight stitch about 1/4″ long from point A to point B. Then bring the needle and thread up at point C (to the right and a little down from point A).
Now turn the work over so point A is facing down. Insert the needle into point D (to the right and a little down from point B). Bring the needle tip up at point B.
fernstitch6Place the thread coming out of C under the needle tip and draw the needle and thread through the fabric.

fernstitch7Now flip the work over again so the old point A is at the top. Repeat the stitch sequence by starting at a new point A which is the old point B.

fernstitch4The Fern Stitch a great stitch for building texture or line.