Blanket Stitch

The Blanket Stitch (or Buttonhole Stitch) always gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling. It tucks in around a fabric edge holding it safe and neatly outlining the shape. But it can also act as a decorative stitch across the surface of fabric creating rows of UUUU or MMMM depending upon orientation.
blanketstitch1Here’s how to make Blanket Stitches: With the thread on top at A, place the tip of the needle about 1/4″ to the right of point A and down about 1/4″ at a new point, B . Insert the needle at B and exit at C, about 1/4″ down from A. Trap the thread coming out of A under the needle tip and draw the needle and thread slowly through the fabric.
blanketstitch3Point C is now Point A. Repeat the directions above forming a row or following the edge of a shape. Different effects are achieved by varying the spacing between points A and C or the length of the B/C stitch. Here’s an example of the Blanket Stitch as an outtie rather than an innie.