Sold! And On It’s Way


Young Forest (25″ w x 36″ h) by Laura Wasilowski

I’m happy to announce that this quilt, Young Forest, has been sold and is on it’s way to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It joins a large collection of textile art that I hope to see there someday. Thank you for your support art collectors!

Daily Design: Inspired!

decquilt22Do you ever give yourself a little art vacation? Recently, I saw an exhibit of Japanese fans prints at the Art Institute of Chicago. One of the motifs used in the fan designs was the moon. All it took was that break from the studio and viewing something new to get me excited about making this daily design. Give yourself a treat today. See art!

Got Jazz?


Blue Note by Laura Wasilowski, part of the Got Jazz exhibit.

If you are in Peoria, IL check out the exhibit by the FAC, Fiber Arts Association, at the Peoria Contemporary Arts Center. It’s called Got Jazz and features lots of great art quilts by members of the FAC. The exhibit runs through September 23.


Blue Note (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

My entry, Blue Note, was an opportunity to do the old variation on a theme type of quilt. You pick out a motif (that pointy shape) and make it in various iterations. You get to play with color, shape, and line and make a quilt at the same time!

A Nice Surprise from Colorado


Surf’s Up! by Laura Wasilowski

It was a surprise to discover that the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is having an exhibit through October 27 that includes my quilt, Surf’s Up! (I think I may have been notified of this but in my foggy state of being, it was forgotten. Must be all that dyeing going on.)

Anyway, if you are near Golden Colorado, please visit the exhibit called It’s What We Do: 25 Years of Collecting. I was happy to donate this quilt to the museum years ago. After all, Colorado is the land of my birth and where I first learned to sew in 4-H.

Here’s a blurb about the exhibit:

This 25th Anniversary celebration exhibition highlights the special, but seldom seen, areas of collecting. Visitors will see important work by pioneers of the art quilt movement; the first artists who took quilts off the bed and put them on the wall. They will also be surprised by kit quilts from the 1920’s and 1930’s, and touched by storytelling quilts. Some newly acquired antiques will be shown for the first time.

Onward to Wellington!


Image my delight when I happened upon a quilt exhibit in Wellington, NZ during my visit. The quilts, or to be more accurate, tivaevae, are on display at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.


Colorful tivaevae are hand appliqued bed covers that have no batting. Made by women of the Cook Islands, the quilts are special treasures used for guests, and gifted at ceremonial occasions like wedding, funerals, and birthdays. It was a wonderful exhibit! So glad I happened upon it.

Visit this Museum

artinstituteOne of my favorite museums in the whole world is the Art Institute of Chicago. And one of my resolutions for this year is to visit the museum often. It’s always so inspiring to see artwork in a lovely setting.

Young Woman Sewing by Renoir

Young Woman Sewing by Renoir

And this is my favorite painting to visit at the museum. It makes me happy that Renoir painted the everyday in such glorious color. Isn’t it beautiful! I hope you can visit this great museum this year too.