Zen Doodle Art Quilts Online Class

You are the designer in this class! Creating original artwork is the goal of every artist. And this method of translating your doodles or sketches into a finished art piece opens the door to even more art that reflects your vision.

Please join me in my online class, Zen Doodle Art Quilts!

It’s easy to create an art quilt from your doodles or drawings. Step by step, I’ll show you how to convert original sketches into a pattern and then into a completed fused art quilt.

Learn different fusing techniques like pattern transfer, collage building, and bias fusing. Discover how to embellish the work with hand embroidery stitches that bring your artwork to life.

Enjoy the experience of creating original artwork from start to finish!

And Here’s The Best Part!

Fuse and Tell Journal Quilts by Laura Wasilowski

Join my Zen Doodle Art Quilts online class (priced at $59.99) and receive these additional items: