Letter of Agreement / Contract for Lecture by Laura Wasilowski
324 Vincent Place, Elgin, IL 60123  847-494-9310 (cell #)

This is to confirm our verbal agreement that Laura Wasilowski will present a lecture for the following Conference or Guild:

Conference / Guild name:_________________________________________________

Website address: _______________________________________________________

To be held on date(s):__________________________ Time:________________CST


  • Lecture: $400 for a 1 hour lecture, plus Q&A session.
  • Payment for the Lecture is due immediately upon completion.

Guild will provide the following items for the lecture (Zoom/Webinar)

  • Guild will Host Zoom/Webinar.
  • Guild will setup speaker as a co-host so that the instructor has complete control of switching between sharing slides and being seen during lecture.
  • A Question & Answer monitor will be available to track and voice the viewer’s questions.
  • Guild may record and put the lecture on their “members only” website for one(1) month only.

Lecture Requested

1. Title of lecture_______________________________________________________
date: ______________________________ time: _____________________CST

The Guild may cancel a lecture at any time up to 15 days of the scheduled event.

A signed copy of this contract must be returned to Laura Wasilowski before a firm commitment can be made.

The Guild/Conference will provide the name of a second person in your organization who can be contacted in the event that the organizer/program chair is not available.

I have read the above letter of agreement, and I understand and agree to the terms:

Guild / Conference Representative

Name: (printed)_________________________________________________________



Signature & Date:_______________________________________________________

Second person in your group who can be contacted:

Name: (printed)_________________________________________________________


Phone(s): ____________________________ Email:____________________________

Signature & Date:_______________________________________________________

Teacher / Lecturer____________________________________________________     date____________________________

Laura Wasilowski  324 Vincent Place, Elgin, IL 60123  847-494-9310