Where I’m Teaching This Year

I Can’t Give Up My Teaching Ways!

For the past year, the best way to teach my students was online with Creative Spark classes. But happily, I have one last live gig to attend in person. It’s my favorite teaching venue- Quilters’ Affair in Sister, Oregon.

Quilter’s Affair takes place July 4 through July 9 this year. It’s an opportunity to learn from a wonderful group of teachers. On Saturday, after a week of invigorating classes, the largest outdoor quilt show takes place. Join us and feast your eyes on quilts displayed around the charming town of Sisters.

Tiny Homes #3 by Laura Wasilowski

I’ll be teaching four classes: Libby’s Leaves, Free-Form Embroidery on Wool and Felt, Put a Bird on It, and my favorite Tiny Homes. I hope you will join me for this event. Family obligations have kept me from traveling to teach for a few years, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to be with you at Quilters’ Affair.