Spiky Chain Stitch

spikychain7 There is probably a real name of this stitch but for now we are calling it a Spiky Chain. It begins like the traditional Chain Stitch but takes a sharp diversion along the way. Use it for outlining shapes like the green thread around the house above. Add a few French Knots between the spikes and you have a lovely decorative outline.

Here’s how to make the Spiky Chain Stitch:

spikychain11. Exit the fabric at point A. Insert the needle right next to point A at point B. Take a short stitch up (about 1/4″) and bring the needle tip up at point C.

spikychain22. Trap the thread coming out of C under the needle. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric creating a loop.

spikychain33. Insert the needle tip at point D about 1/4″ to the right of point C.

spikychain44. Bring the needle tip up at the old point C inside the loop.

spikychain55. Insert the needle tip back into point C inside the loop. Take a short stitch up (about 1/4″) and exit the fabric at a new point C.

spikychain66. Repeat Steps 2 – 5 above to make a Spiky Chain.