Preparing Threads for the Sewing Machine

threadskeinsHow to Wind Threads onto an Empty Spool for Machine Stitching

You have a pile of beautiful Artfabrik threads skeins and want to do some machine stitching with them. Happily, you can use the thread in your sewing machine just like any other spooled thread.

threadwinding10Use the Size 12 thread in the top of the machine with a size 14/90 quilting needle. Sizes 8 or 5 threads work in the bobbin. Here’s how to prepare the threads for stitching.
threadwinding51. You’ll need the thread skein, an empty thread spool, a pair of scissors, and a chair.
threadwinding62. Sit down and open the twisted thread skein into a loop. Find the thread label. You’ll see that the ends of the thread are sealed in the tag and that a single thread is wound around the skein at that point.
threadwinding73. Carefully clip the single thread that is looped around the skein. Now you have the 2 ends of the thread. One end still has the tag attached.
threadwinding84. Drape the thread loop around your knee. Take the thread end without the tag and begin winding it around the spool. As you wind, un-loop the thread one strand at a time from the thread loop around you knee. (Or find a friend to hold the skein open for you.)
threadwinding95. Once your spool is completely wound, use a 14/90 embroidery or quilting needle in your sewing machine for stitching on the surface of your fabric. Pair it with a 30 – 40 weight thread of a similar color in the bobbin.

6. You can use the Size 5, 8 or 12 thread in your bobbin too. Place the spooled thread onto the machine’s bobbin winding mechanism and wind the bobbin like you would any other thread.