Tools of the Trade Stitch Along #7 The End!

toolsofthetradeeThank you so much for joining me in our Tools of the Trade Stitch Along!

I’m about to give you the final directions to complete the piece. But first I have a request. Could you please send me a photo of your Tools of the Trade Stitch Along project? I’d love to see what you made whether it is complete or not. Just email an image to me at:

There is also a new quilt-along project coming up for you to enjoy. I’ll introduce it to you soon.

And now on to the grand finale of our stitch along!

Please Note: You’ll always find steps on how to make this free project on the Tools of the Trade Stitch Along Tutorial page.

Step #15


  • Stitch Running Stitches across the background fabric in spirals and curves. Use a size 12 thread (like Rainbow Rich) and a size 5 or 7 hand embroidery needle. 
  • Stitch to within 1/2″ of the edges of the fabric.

Step #16


  • Stitch tack the embroidery to the backing fabric.
  • Stitch Blanket Stitches around the edge of the design to secure it to the backing fabric. Use a size 8 thread (like Aquamarine) and a size 3 or 4 hand embroidery needle.
  • Trim the backing fabric to within 1/8″ of the design if necessary.
  • Remove the tacking stitches.

I hope you enjoyed Tools of the Trade project. Thank you for joining me!