Stitching Your Nut: Frieda’s Nut House #3


Time to stitch your nut everyone!

You’ll note on the downloaded Frieda’s Nut House pattern that the nut house is drawn with a dashed lined. 

Dashed lines indicate the outline of shapes to be filled in with lots of hand embroidery. Your nut is made of stitches only, not fabric shapes.

If you’re just joining us, see a list of what you need on Frieda’s Nut House Stitch-Along Tutorial page and complete Steps 1 – 3. Don’t worry about catching up, its a small nut house.

Step #4


  • Trace the nut house pattern shape onto tracing paper using a black marker.
  • Position the tracing paper on the crest of the ground fabric and pin into place.
  • Follow the black marker lines and stitch an outline of the design on the fabric using Running Stitches. Use a sewing thread (40 or 50 weight) in a color contrasting to the background fabric and a finer needle, like the size 5 embroidery needle. Or use one of the size 12 threads used later for the hand embroidery.
  • Remove the paper after the outline of the design is stitched by scoring the paper next to the stitches using the tip of a pin. Gently rip away the paper. Try not to pull the running stitches and distort the design.
  • These stitches define the edges of the design and will be removed after stitching the shapes.

Step #5


  • Stitch Chain Stitches to outline the nut shape following the Running Stitches. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Oranges) and a size 3 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch Chain Stitches horizontally in close rows across the nut shape to fill it in using that same color of thread.

Step #6


  • Stitch Stem Stitches to outline the roof shape following the Running Stitches. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Aquamarine).
  • Stitch Blanket Stitches horizontally across the roof shape. Begin at the base of the roof and face the stitches so the tines of the Blanket Stitches touch the stem stitches that outline the bottom of the roof.
  • Continue to stitch horizontal rows of Blanket Stitches up the roof making rows of box shapes.
  • Remove the Running Stitches.

Step #7


  • Stitch a French Knot inside each box made by the blanket stitches on the roof. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Prinky Phlox).