Rethinking Embroidery Finished!

How do you rethink or reinvent an embroidery project? Here you see the finished Yellow House Landscape project (top) from Joyful Stitching and a step-out (bottom) from the book. For the past month, I’ve used this step-out as my canvas to reimagine the Yellow House project. And I like the results!

My one regret when making the original Yellow House embroidery was the sky. It looks unfinished to me. So in this remake of the design, I’ve stitched the sky with curves of running stitches.

The Nasturtium size 12 thread used in the sky contains colors analogous to the silk fabric. Thread colors blend in and out with the fabric colors lending texture and movement. Maybe I’ll go back and add this same stitching to the original Yellow House.

My final step in making this iteration of the Yellow House is stitching it to a background fabric. I like this pea-green batik. It repeats the greens in the vegetation and lends the design a fresh, springy feel.

This has been a fun distraction for me this past month. And you may find redoing something entertaining too. So why not reconsider an old embroidery and develop a new piece of artwork today?