Rethinking Embroidery #3

Does my house look a little drab to you?

I mean, it could be any house on the block! So ordinary and plain.

Time to add some pizazz!

I’ve always wanted a rooftop garden. However, climbing a ladder to water the plants at my age is not a pretty sight. So stitching a garden on the rooftop saves my dignity and your eyesight.

Rooftop garden plants are stitched with those same variegated size 12 threads: Lime Frappe and Lettuce used for the grass. Next, Lazy Daisy stitches make the leaves, and French Knot flowers (using a Size 12 Wisteria) dot the roofline. Later, I fill in the Lazy Daisy loop with a straight stitch and Red Hots thread.

As for the tree growing out of the chimney, I can’t explain it.