Red Bird: Stems and Leaves

The flowers in your Red Bird design are created by combining several embroidery stitches in various thread colors.

These stitch combinations take a rather ordinary piece of blue felt and transform it into a richly decorative flower.

Our next step is to connect these snazzy flowers to the grass with strategically placed stems. I say “strategically” because one of the stems is used as Red Bird’s perch.

Please note that directions are first given here on the blog then added to the Red Bird Stitch-Along page as we go. You can join at any time.

Step #7

  • Stitch Stem Stitches to create a curving stem from the flower base on the right up to the belly of the bird and down to the grass. This forms his perch. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Lime Frappe).
  • Using that same thread, stitch Stem Stitches curving from the base of the remaining 2 flowers to the grass.
  • Stitch 2 more stems using that same thread curving across the grass.