Red Bird: Finishing Up

A first step in creating our Red Bird was to trim the sky fabric with a pinking blade or pinking shears.

The pinked edge of this fabric lends itself to a decorative finish. A finish perfect for the Fly Stitch.

As we complete the project, remember you can join the Red Bird Stitch-Along at any time. You’ll find complete directions for it and many other free projects on the Tutorials page.

Step #8

  • Center the sky fabric on the background fabric. Stitch tack into place.
  • Stitch Fly Stitches following the pinked edge of the sky fabric while attaching it to the backing fabric. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Lime Frappe).
  • Remove the tacking stitches.
  • Stitch French Knots inside each Fly Stitch on the border. Use a size 12 pearl cotton thread (like Red Hots).
  • Trim the background fabric to within 1/4″ of each edge of the sky fabric.
Red Bird by Laura Wasilowski

I’d love to see your version of Red Bird. Send an image to me at laura@ Thanks for joining me!