Red Bird: Eye and Beak Stitchery

You can make your Red Bird project with any fabric but I like working with this felt, a 15% wool / 75% rayon blend, for several reasons.

One is that it doesn’t fray as I add hand embroidery. Another reason is that it is so easy to stitch. Your hands will thank you for it. I know mine did!

To bring our Red Bird to life, our next step is to add the eye and beak to the bird shape.

Please note that directions are first given here on the blog then added to the Bird Stitch-Along page as we go.

Step #4

  • Fill in the eye shape with a spiral of Chain Stitches. Start on the outside edge of the eye circle and work your way into the center.
  • On the top edge of the eye, stitch a Straight Stitch from the outside edge to a point in the center of the eye. Use the white size 12 pearl cotton thread.
  • Continue to add straight stitches beginning at the outside edge of the eye and returning to that same point in the center of the eye. Build up a wedge of white thread to create the highlight in the eye.
  • Stitch Stem Stitches in parallel horizontal rows starting from the outside and working in to fill in the beak using that same thread.