Pretty Spool: Border and Finish

I promise, just a little more hand embroidery on Pretty Spool and then we can finish it up with a pillowcase binding.

What’s up next? Stitching that decorative edge around the border of the quilt cut with your pinking blade or pinking shears. It’s ready for some fancy stitching.

  • By fancy, I mean a stitch I’m calling the “French Fly“. Scroll down the page on the French Fly directions and you’ll see how to use it on a pinked edge.

 Please note: You’ll find complete directions on how to make  Pretty Spool on the Tutorial page.

Step #17

Step #18

Congratulations on completing your Pretty Spool quilt!

I hope you’ve enjoyed making it. If you’d like to make more artwork, please visit my Tutorial Page for free-form embroidery and fused art quilt projects.