My Mistake and a Thread Give-Away

threaddryingAll is quiet in the Artfabrik studio. My hand dyed threads (sizes 5, 8, and 12 pearl cotton) are all washed by hand and hanging out to air dry. It’s a long, messy process but you have to love the results, rich color and beautiful gradations.

studioisclosedAnd so I hang out my “studio is closed” sign (hand crafted by a talented grandson).

prinkphloxmissdyeBut wait! I see the Prinky Phlox colorway I’ve dyed is completely wrong. It is way too dark. Yes, I must have been distracted by a riveting TV show when dyeing it and used the dye recipe at full strength rather than cutting the color formulas with water. 

Oh well, my mistake is your gain. Leave a comment below and you may be the lucky winner of a skein of this rare size 8 thread. And if a second winner gives me a great name for the “new” colorway, they will get a skein of the size 8 thread too.