Improvising Designs with a Die Cutter #2

Now that all the fused shapes are cut using the Daisy die from Accuquilt, I’m ready to make my improvised quilt design.

Next Steps in Using a Die Cutter to Make an Improvised Quilt

  • Select a background square to build on. This pickle juice green square will nicely contrast with the rich colors of the shapes I’ve cut with the die cutter.
  • Trim the square with a pinking blade in the rotary cutter or a pinking shears.
  • Place the square on a large piece of silicone release paper (the paper that comes with fusible web). There is glue on the pre-fused fabric and you don’t want to iron it onto the ironing board and curse the glue.
  • You could also use a Teflon sheet or parchment paper.
  • Add shapes to the background fabric playing with placement and spacing.
  • Try placing elements at an angle to give the piece energy and action.
  • Merge shapes to create variety and interest. Petals from the¬†Daisy¬†die flow into the negative (or cutaway) fabric cut to fit around the petals. The result is two little hills emerging on my background fabric.
  • Consider other fabrics waiting in the wings. What role do they play in your improvised design?
  • Slice bravely into your fabrics to create new shapes. Improvising means taking a chance. You may make a mess of things or you may discover something new.
  • Play with the fabric shapes arranging and rearranging them on the background.
  • Remember to repeat colors to carry the eye around the piece.

Ideas for Completing the Design

Quiet Morning #2 by Laura Wasilowski

After completing my composition, it is lifted off the release paper and centered on the light blue background fabric. Framing the piece this way gives the design space to be enjoyed.

A few other ideas improve this stylized landscape. Adding a third element, like the sun, balances it out. Hand embroidery adds smaller details and machine quilting adds texture to the framing fabric.

I hope you enjoy working with pre-cut fabric shapes and find improvising with them fun and thrilling too. Be brave! You can do it!