Improvisational Design and a Winner!

I’m not one to plan ahead. Which best explains how I create artwork. Planning or visualizing a completed piece of artwork and then making it just isn’t in my nature. I am an improviser.

How do you create improvisational art? Well, if your join my new online class, Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes, I’ll show you my methods from free cutting, to collage building, to auditioning backgrounds.

Improvising is a playful approach to art making and really fun and relaxing. It’s also the best way to make original artwork. Click here to join me!

And the Winner Is!

And speaking of fun things to do, check out my friend, Christen Brown’s new book, Hand Embroidery Dictionary.

She has graciously give an ebook version of the book to a lucky winner who recently visited this blog.

The winner of the ebook is…. Ellen L. Congratulations Ellen!