Home in the Country Stitch-Along #9

It’s a sunny day in the country! In this step we add a decorative sun in the sky using 2 basic hand embroidery stitches- the Blanket Stitch and the French Knot.

Our sunny thread colors also repeat the same colors used in other parts of the stitchery to lend balance to the design.

Please note that directions are added to the Home in the Country Stitch-Along page after they are first posted here on the Artfabrik blog.

Step #9- Stitch the Sun

  • Stitch Blanket Stitches with the points facing out and following the running stitches that mark the sun shape.
  • Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Sunrise) and a size 3 hand embroidery needle.
  • Stitch to within 1/4″ of the fabric edges
  • Remove the running stitches.
  • Stitch a row of Blanket Stitches following the curve of the first row of Blanket Stitches so the tines of the stitches touch the previous row. Use that same thread.
  • Continue to add rows of Blanket Stitches with the tines of the Blanket Stitches touching the previous rows of Blanket Stitches to make rows of box shapes.
  • Stitch a French Knot inside each box made by the Blanket Stitches on the sun.
  • Alternate the threads colors used for each row. Use size 8 pearl cotton threads (like Aquamarine and Sunrise).