Final Giveaway of Thread

As the year comes to an end, so does the giveaway celebrating my new class on Creative Spark called Little Bird and Daisies.

Our final giveaway is this size 12 hand-dyed thread, Degas Blue. It is one of my favorite colorways named for one of my favorite artists, Degas. It is also one of the four hand embroidery threads used on Little Bird and Daisies.

Leave a comment below, and you may be the lucky winner! I’ll even throw in a thread-ring for your entire palette of threads!

Please note that the giveaway closes on Thursday and I announce the winner on Friday. Meantime, check out my class, Little Bird and Daisies.

If you signed up for Little Bird and Daisies, I have a kit available. The fabric kit has all the pre-fused fabrics for the design. And you can select all four threads used or just the specific threads to use in the embroidery. Please click here for the Little Bird and Daisies kit.