Wonky Stitching and a Give-Away


This gorgeous wonky textile piece is made by Cynthia using my hand-dyed threads. Don’t you just love those ribs and twists she’s created with hand embroidery? She worked the fabric with a whip stitch for the “corded look” and used a running stitch to gather the fabrics.

She states, “I like your thread, as it is strong and doesn’t break when some torque is applied.” Why thank you Cynthia!



Would you like to add some torque to your stitching too? Great! 

Please leave a comment below and you may be a lucky winner of a size 8 thread for stitching. (Please note that at some point I cut off the comment section, usually just before announcing the winners.)


Stitching for Fun and the Winners


Frieda’s House (in process) by Laura Wasilowski

Soon I leave my cozy home and start on my teaching travels. There is the worry of packing and trying to remember how to teach the classes after 2 months off. But for now, I’m enjoying stitching for pleasure with my hand-dyed threads on felt.


Lea Ann’s Embroidery

Others are enjoying embroidery too. A few weeks ago I gave away skeins of a mis-dyed thread now known as Bordeaux. One of the winners, Lea Ann, created this wonderful stitchery using the purple thread. It is embroidered on an interfacing hand painted by Judith Baker Montano, one of the greats of the embroidery world.


Thank you Lea Ann for sharing your work and thank you to all who left comments for the recent give away of size 3 hand dyed threads. The lucky winners are:  Carol C, Gene B, and another Jean. Congratulations!

Beautiful Cloth Baskets


I’m always amazed at what people create with my hand dyed fabrics and threads. Here you see a beautiful basket made by Beverly using my Snake Skin fabric. You may want to see her newly minted website, Colorworks and Design,  to see more of her work. The site is easy to navigate and there is a link to her Etsy site where you can purchase these reasonably priced baskets.


As a textile people, we can certainly appreciate their tactile feel and her ingenuity in making them. Imagine their use as a knitting basket or a handy place to hold your current stitch project.  Thank you Beverly for sharing your well crafted baskets with us!