5 Houses to Embroider and Giveaway #5

Painting the Town by Laura Wasilowski

Image living here! Painting the Town is another project in my new book Playful Free-Form Embroidery. In this design on felt, 5 little houses swirl around a paintbrush madly painting every edifice in the village. We should all live in such a colorful community!

Each house is created with a different set of stitch combinations to keep you on your toes. And the bristles on the paintbrush are made with a variegated skein of size 8 Rainbow Rich thread so you don’t have to change thread colors.

What’s This Week’s Giveaway?

Every Tuesday until the end of May I’m giving away items for the projects in Playful Free-Form Embroidery.

This week’s giveaway is a skein of size 8 Rainbow Rich thread so you can start your home improvement project.

Just leave a comment below and you may be the lucky winner!

Please note that the giveaway closes on Thursday, and I announce the winner on Friday. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see all the projects in the book, click here.