Your Chicken is My Command

leonaleghornpatterncoverYou asked for them and now they are yours! I’ve updated my chicken patterns created years ago and hidden from sight for a decade. These are new and improved chickens. You could call them fun, delicious, and even down right tasty patterns.

chickenpatternbannerCheck out all 5 scrumptious Poultry in Motion Patterns chicken patterns. There is one with a shining personality just for you. Or that strange Aunt you have.

7 thoughts on “Your Chicken is My Command

  1. This is great news — I have a cousin who is enamored with chickens and roosters and baby chicks. I’ve been wondering what to do for some kitchen decorations for her. I may have to resort to stitching the motifs down to do place mats, so they can be laundered if need be, But she could just use them as decorations and not actually put plates of food on them until the grand kids age a little older Now maybe an update of the dog series later on this year?

    You are probably over and done with them but for any of your patterns that are 5 – 10 years old or so there is a whole world of new followers that would probably love to have access to them. Especially those of us who aren’t very good sketching.

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