You’ll Want to See This!

But wait! There’s more!

The lovely Gale and Ann near a collection of stitch samplers.

Before leaving Santa Fe I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of International Folk Art. My friend Ann Anastasio is a docent at the museum and offered a tour of the eclectic collection of folk art in the Girard Wing.

From the folk art collection of Alexander Girard.

Alexander Girard (an architect and interior designer) not only collected over 100,000 folk art objects but designed the displays and arranged the items himself. There are toys and dolls, costumes, masks, textiles (samplers, weaving, embroidery), religious art, paintings, beadwork, and much much more.

Rabbits cheering on a clown.

Girard seems to have had a sense of humor and whimsy too. A man after my own heart!

There are dozens of dioramas like this.

This vast array of folk art was created by people from every continent (except Antarctica for some reason). I strongly recommend you visit the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. It is an extraordinary, enthralling museum. But be prepared. It is overwhelming!