You Have Inspired Me!

Thanks to the ideas and sympathy of my fellow artisans, I decided to clean up my fusing table, a large table covered with Teflon. True, it took several cups of tea and a lot of talking to myself. But the area is now free of clutter.

studiotrayThe first thing I did was to place all my tools in this tray from Ikea. As a result I found all my tweezers! I am so very happy!

studioscrapsThen I sorted the fabrics by size. The fused color chips or smallest pieces are sorted by color into cardboard bins that reside on the back of the fusing table. I know it looks messy but the open boxes allow me to grab color at will.

studiofabricLarger fused pieces of fabric are stacked and placed on a shelf nearby. A few of the fabrics are folded so I may have to iron out creases at a later date. Anything really big is rolled back onto release paper from the fusible web and stacked on another shelf.

studiocleanupAnd finally I swept up the small fabric scraps and dust with a piece of batting. It’s the best way to gather tiny specks of fibers off of the Teflon sheet.

Thanks for your support! Now I’m free to mess it up again!

6 thoughts on “You Have Inspired Me!

  1. I knew you could do it! It always seems a daunting task after creating a pile like that, but I think it’s a creativity booster to clear the decks, organize and see what you’ve got.
    I am envious seeing all the fancy bladed rotary cutters. They are on my wish list!
    Can’t wait to see the your next quilt. Always inspiring and in such cheerful colors!
    Thank you.

  2. Where do you find a teflon sheet that covers a table? I need one of those.
    As far as cleaning the studio I try to straighten up each Friday just so I can find things and really clean maybe every 3 to 4 months. I really trash it so it gets pretty deep. You can count on it being clean the week of Christmas when people will wonder down there to see whats new or left over from the years shows in hopes I will give them some tings to make more room.

  3. ug – I did clear most of my work table this morning. I can’t stand working in a messy space where I can’t find anything and have to move things to get to anything. But there it is – the giant four foot pile of spreading stuff taking up half the floor of the room. No closets. Baskets and shelves are bursting. Sigh.

    but the work table is clean today.

    • I can totally relate. I feel like my studio is closing in on me. I have so many projects on a deadline right now that I need to be working instead of orgainzing but I know if I just take the time to put everything away I’d get a lot more done. Sounds like a project for this weekend.

  4. That’s inspiring. My problem is, that last photo of a little pile of multicovered fabrics with circles cut out – I’d have a hard time throwing those away. I’m going to wind up on hoarding tv.

  5. I’ve been inspired. I am in the middle of my own clean up and boy does it feel good. In no time at all I can be back to creating. I have a challenge that a friend of mine and I are doing. We are using a piece of fabric we dyed and have to create a quilt using that fabric. Of course my plan is to create a quilt using the fusing technique and inspiration I get from Laura to complete it. I love this technique.

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