Woolly Bird Tutorial #10


The head of my bird stitched on wool needed a little more emphasis so I added another row of Outline Stitches around the edges with a light green thread. We’ll use that same stitch to make a triangle for the beak and fill it in with rows of the Outline Stitch. This is a fancy bird so you may want to add three Bullion Knots with French Knots at the tip to make the bird’s crest.


Fill in the wool background fabric with easy stitchery like swirls of the Running Stitch. This give it that Starry Night kind of look. (Thank you Vincent Van Gogh!)


To complete your woolly bird, finish the fabric edges with a Blanket Stitch. Thank you for joining me during this tutorial and please send me images of what you’ve made. (laura@artfabrik.com) Now sing a little birdsong of happiness!

7 thoughts on “Woolly Bird Tutorial #10

  1. This has been a wonderful class. My finished picture is definitely of a lot more practice to look like yours but then first attempts are always in need or improvement. Would the best way to display the piece in a frame, or applique the piece on maybe a pillow? I was sort of thinking of a fabric frame with maybe some vinyl to protect the picture from dust or dog hair. I used to make picture frames from plastic canvas, but I was thinking this time of using Timtex or some other stiff interfacing as the backing..

  2. I think that stitching it to a stiff backing is a good idea. If you put it behind glass make sure the frame is deep enough so the glass doesn’t touch the fabric.
    Send me a picture. I’d love to see what you made. And thanks for joining me!

  3. This has been a wonderful tutorial and a whole new hand embroidery experience for me…I can’t put it down and when I do, I’m thinking about finding time to add a few more rows of stitches! My bird’s body is just about filled in and I’m ready to move on to the tail…a bit behind, but I do have a few questions.
    With such dense application of stitches, I’m finding my wool (a piece I felted from a wool cape) beginning to get a bit “wavy”…is that normal? And the back is a rather ugly mass of threads….just me, or are these pieces not intended to have their bare backs exposed?
    I was not prepared for the visual depth and dimension that the dense embroidery creates – awesome. After the bird I am on to the pear and maybe a mushroom….????

    • Hi Carolyn. I’m so glad you were able to follow along and I can’t wait to see your little “bird on the cape”. When you’re all done you can steam the back of the piece with a steam iron and flatten out those waves. And you can stitch a piece of felt on the back to cover the stitchery mess.

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