Wool Stitching Class Anyone?

woolandthreadDid you know that I am a peripatetic teacher? Yes, and soon my travels will take me to Daytona FL for the AQS Show. Let the packing begin! Here you see the wool and threads that are part of the kit for my Free-Stitched Wool Embroidery class.

woolbird18Each student gets all the necessary items needed to make something like this charming bird with “Birdsonality”. They will design their own work fort he wool fabric and determine their own stitches. Can’t wait to see what they make!

3 thoughts on “Wool Stitching Class Anyone?

  1. Wool class sounds like it will be a fun one. What size is finished project going to be? I’m going to have to stick to using felt until that all runs out before I buy any wool fabric.
    But the bird with ‘birdsonality” looks like something fun to tackle. The colors and wonderful.

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