Wool Stitchery Class Work

woolclass8Recently, I taught a new class called Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool. As you can guess, it is a slow paced class. (Hard to race around the classroom with a sharp needle in your hand.) You would also expect it to be a quiet classroom.


A simple design with very lovely hand work.

But I was happily surprised by the amount of chatter. Like an old fashioned quilting bee, students sat, stitched, and visited with each other all day long.

woolclass7In this class, students make original designs and learn about the joy of hand embroidery on wool. They also meet new people, share stitch ideas, and make artwork at the same time. Seems ideal to me.

And now I must apologize. I did not make note of who made what. So I can’t attribute the designs above to the people who actually made them. It was such at thrill to see them at work, I forgot to make a list of the stitchers and their designs.


4 thoughts on “Wool Stitchery Class Work

  1. I don’t think I would have expected quiet. I don’t think I’ve met a stitcher yet who can’t talk and stitch at the same time!

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