Wool Stitch Along: Scattered Seed Stitch

stitchalong30It’s so wonderful to hear from those of you who are working on the leaf in the Wool Stitch Along. And I’m glad you’re enjoying it. But it’s not done yet! There is ample room around the leaf to add even more texture and color. An easy stitch to fill in that space is the Scattered Seed Stitch.

Here are the next steps:

  • Use the same color of size 8 thread used in the outline and a size 3 – 4 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch at random with the Scattered Seed Stitch to fill in the fabric around the leaf.



8 thoughts on “Wool Stitch Along: Scattered Seed Stitch

  1. Depending on the color of your wool, you could do the scattered seed stitches in white to simulate snowflakes on the ground

  2. Very nice! I just finished my leaf, and was thinking that it looked a bit lonely. Background stitching coming up!

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