Wool Stitch Along: Needle Weaving


The last section of our leaf for the Wool Stitch Along is a small space with lots of potential. We’re going to pack it full of color and texture with Needle Weaving.

Here are the next steps:

  • Use the same color of size 8 thread used in the outline and a size 3 – 4 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch parallel Straight Stitches (the warp) for the first part of the Needle Weaving inside the next compartment.
  • Space these warp stitches about 1/16” apart across the space.


  • Use your second color of size 8 pearl cotton thread.
  • Weave the thread across the warp stitches using the directions for Needle Weaving.

Please note: You will always be able to see the Wool Stitch Along info for later reference under the Tutorials of this website. Directions are added as the Stitch Along progresses. Here it is so far.


12 thoughts on “Wool Stitch Along: Needle Weaving

  1. I just finished mine. Thanks, Laura! This was so fun. I put a photo on my Flickr account (linked as my website.) I can’t wait to take another in person class with you, Laura! Merry Christmas!

  2. I confess I haven’t been following this too closely (busy time of year) – but I just looked back and got some inspiration for hand stitching on a quilted piece I am making.
    :-) Thanks!

  3. Just finished. Really enjoyed the stitch-along. Now I’ve got some stitch ideas for a project I’m working on. Thanks Laura!

  4. Took your advice and started with a larger design. Also went out and bought a pair of magnifier lenses to fit over my glasses. It is amazing how much better I can stitch when I can actually see what I am doing. I’m about half way done now but I am pushing on and enjoying the stitching a whole lot better.

  5. All done! I love it. I made it big enough to turn into a needle case or something.
    Considering the possibilities. Love combining stitches.

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