Wool Stitch Along: Lazy Daisy Stitch


Fill in the compartment with Lazy Daisy Stitches.

The outline of our small leaf for the Wool Stitch Along is complete. And you’ve stitched the veins inside the leaf that divide it into 10 compartments. Those 10 open areas are for practicing different stitches. First up: Lazy Daisy Stitches. (Lazy Daisy is also known as Detached Chain Stitch which I think is rather harsh for such a sweet looping stitch.)

Here are the next steps:

  • Use the same color of size 8 thread used in the outline and a size 3 – 4 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch the Lazy Daisy Stitches in rows across the compartment. Point them toward the outside edge of the leaf.
  • Note the wonderful color changes that occur with a variegated thread.

stitchalong8This next part will make you so happy! Fill in each open loop of the Lazy Daisy with a Straight Stitch. Use the second color you’ve chosen for the embroidery. Don’t you love those little peaks of color inside the loop of the Lazy Daisy?

Please note: You will always be able to see the Wool Stitch Along info for later reference under the Tutorials of this website. Directions are added as the Stitch Along progresses. Here it is so far.

6 thoughts on “Wool Stitch Along: Lazy Daisy Stitch

  1. This is great! I attended your class last year at the Hampton roads VA quilt show. So enjoyable!

  2. Always love your work! This is so fun using your pearl cotton I bought so…. long ago it must have been waiting for this project lol. Thank you for sharing.

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