Wool Stitch Along: French Knot


If you need a concentrated hit of color for your embroidery, consider the French Knot. It is like a little bead or ball lifting off the fabric and leaping into your eyeball. (So be careful!) Filling in the next section of the leaf with French Knots will go fast and using a variegated color thread, makes for exciting color hits.

Here are the next steps:

  • Use the same color of size 8 thread used in the outline and a size 3 – 4 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch rows of French Knots inside the next compartment.
  • Leave space between rows for the next set of French Knots to be stitched in another thread colorway.


  • Use your second color of size 8 pearl cotton thread.
  • Add more French Knots between the previous stitches.
  • Remove your protective eye wear.

8 thoughts on “Wool Stitch Along: French Knot

  1. This is developing into a spectacular creation. So much fun. Thank you SO much for doing this.

  2. Can’t believe it’s ending, I loved doing all the different stitch combinations. Thankyou so much for the journey Laura!!! Merry Christmas everyone.

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