Wool Stitch Along: Completed!

stitchalong31Thank you so much for joining me in the Wool Stitch Along! I hope you will send me photos of your finished project so I can see your beautiful work. Send them to laura at artfabrik.com

And now that you’ve made this beautiful piece of stitchery, it is time to share your artwork with others. To prepare the embroidery for display, follow these steps:

  • Trim the wool to remove any frayed edges.
  • Place it onto a piece of felt. (Commercial felt from your local fabric shop is fine.)
  • Stitch it to the felt around the edges with the Blanket Stitch.


  • Add another frame around the piece with another piece of felt in a color that enhances the design. Cut this felt larger than the first piece of felt. (The size depends on if you have a mat or frame size in mind.)
  • Stitch the artwork onto the larger piece of felt at each corner concealing the stitches.


  • Cut a piece of mat board the size of the felt or the size of your frame if you are displaying it in a frame. (A shadow box frame is recommended.)
  • Use double stick tape and tape the piece into place on the mat board. Or stitch it to the mat.
  • Display it proudly in your home!

Please note: You will always be able to see the Wool Stitch Along info for later reference under the Tutorials of this website. 


3 thoughts on “Wool Stitch Along: Completed!

  1. I’m done!!! This was so much fun that I found your last stitch along Wooly Bird and started that. I’d love to post a picture, but can’t figure out how to do that from my iPad. Thanks so much, Laura. Enjoy the new year!!!

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