Wool Stitch Along: Back Stitch


Add Back Stitches to the next compartment.

You’ll be familiar with our next stitch if you’ve used the Back Stitch to outline your leaf shape in our Wool Stitch Along. I like the Back Stitch for it’s dashing dashed line. It looks so trim and neat and well regulated. Just like my life.

Here are the directions:

  • Use the same color of size 8 thread used in the outline and a size 3 – 4 embroidery needle.
  • Start stitching the Back Stitch inside the compartment about 1/8” away from the outside curve. Follow that curve up the leaf edge.
  • Stitch 3 – 4 more rows of Back Stitches about 1/8” apart following the previous curve.
  • (Please ignore that line of red thread on the left in the image above. I got carried away and forgot to take the photo of just the green stitches.)


  • Use that same Back Stitch and fill in the spaces between the rows.
  • Use your second color of size 8 pearl cotton thread.
  • Enjoy this orderly pattern of dashes on the fabric and go reorganize your closet.

Please note: You will always be able to see the Wool Stitch Along info for later reference under the Tutorials of this website. Directions are added as the Stitch Along progresses. Here it is so far.

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  1. Finally, I’m on this step. Happy it’s Saturday, finally have time to catch up. Loving this stitch along! Thank you, Laura.

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