Windy City on the Move


Windy City #2 (4″x 6″) by Laura Wasilowski

Windy City #2 is finished and ready to ship off to Wish Upon a Card. The next time I’ll see it will be in Sisters, OR. From July 3 – 7 I’m teaching 5 different workshops at Quilter’s Affair.

My return to Sisters will be a grand reunion. Not only will I see this little quilt framed and ready for auction but many friends attend the event too. (They will not be framed.) Good times! 

9 thoughts on “Windy City on the Move

  1. Is this postcard project something they do every year at Sisters, OR? Is the back of the card finished off with space to write a From and To address?

    • Yes, they auction off the small works every year. But a local frame shop donates the time and materials to frame each piece before the auction. They do a great job of selecting matts and frames that enhance the work.

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