What’s Your Favorite Combination?


Garden of Flowers (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Tired of dreary old winter? Then its time to make your own spring bouquet! By combining simple embroidery stitches you can create recognizable shapes like flowers. The spiky yellow blooms in Garden of Flowers are made with five Fly Stitches placed in a circle with the points facing out. A mound of French Knots in turquoise thread fills in each center. Notice how the blue background fabric also plays a role in creating the shape of these sweet little flowers.


Red Belly Bird (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Like sketching on fabric, combining a few stitches can also suggest a simple leaf shape. The leaves lining the Red Belly Bird’s nest are a combination of the Fern Stitch and Straight Stitches. Each branch of fern stitches is trimmed around the edge with straight stitches to make an enclosed leaf shape.

All it takes is the combination of a few simple embroidery stitches to make shapes on fabric. What’s your favorite combination to create shapes?

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Combination?

  1. Love seeing the combinations. I would not think about fly stitches to make the flowers!

  2. I am a waffler! My favorite stitch combo is whatever I am looking at when asked. The only stitch I am no really fond of is the bullion stitch but I think that I because mine never look very good — I really should practice it more and then I might change my mind.

    • It’s OK to be a waffler. And I understand about the Bullion Knot. I find mine are never quite right but I keep on trying.

  3. I love french knots with just about any other stitch and, until your tutoring, I used the chain stitch for just making flowers, but now I’m getting used to expanding the chain stitch for all kinds of fillers and seeing more possibilities – even putting french knots in the center of the chain stitch!

    • And I’ve only recently added the chain stitch to my work. Usually I use the stem stitch to outline shapes but I’m liking the chain stitch more now. Happy Stitching, Carolyn!

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