What I’m Doing Undercover Quilt-wise

Like the Inspector Clouseau of the quilt world, I’ve arrived in Denver on a secret mission. I can’t tell you much cause it’s …….secret. But I’ll give you a hint: it’s hot and steamy and I can’t talk about it.

OK, so it involves a hot and steamy iron. But I bet I had you wondering for a moment! You’ll also be happy to hear my luggage with a lot of important quilt stuff arrived safely. Safe arrival of luggage is something to celebrate so I had to take a picture. Stay tuned for more on my secret mission. You may call me Inspector Quiltsew.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Undercover Quilt-wise

  1. Dear Inspector Quiltsew

    My first instinct was to grill you about your secret mission but as I continued to read your post, I grew increasingly afraid that if you did tell me, you might have to kill me with your hot and steamy iron! To be on the safe side, I will wait patiently for the big, secret-mission reveal.

    Have a wonderfully hot and steamy day,

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