Visit this Fun Place!

studiodyetableThere is a really fun website you need to visit called Create Whimsy. Currently it has a post showing some of my work, an in depth interview, and  images of my studio. (I even cleaned up the dyeing space so you can get an idea of how neat I can be. Ha!)

Create Whimsy features other interviews with artists about how they create. It’s fascinating to see their work. Give it a look see. I know you’ll enjoy it!


8 thoughts on “Visit this Fun Place!

  1. What a great interview and studio photos .Your colors are so yummy and the work and the whimsy you emote are wonderful gifts that you share with the world !

  2. Loved your interview. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought the Chicago School of Fusing was an actual organization.

  3. Terrific interview with great information and pictures. I work to music. Specifically Irish, Scottish, 1960’s folk music.

    • I’m so glad you enjoy music Janet. But I work best when it is quiet and I can talk to myself. Music distracts me and I want to sing along. With Irish music I’d be hopping all over the place!

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