Lazy Daisy

The Lazy Daisy Stitch is the sweetest member of the looped embroidery stitch family. Arrange this gentle stitch around a French Knot and viola! you have a flower. Or scatter the petals randomly across the fabric surface and build a texture of curvy lines and soft edges.

Here’s how to make Lazy Daisy Stitches: With the thread exiting the fabric at A, insert the needle right next to A at point B. Take a short stitch (about 1/4″) and exit the fabric at C. Trap the thread under the needle and draw the needle and thread through the fabric creating a loop.

Insert the needle at point D on the other side of the thread loop from point C. Draw the needle and thread to the back of the fabric creating a loop or petal of the daisy.

If you place Lazy Daisy Stitches on a tree top, they look like leaves and add great texture to the fabric surface. The Lazy Daisy Stitch is a pleasant, old fashioned stitch giving comfort and warmth like grandma’s cookies….without the calories.